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Why do I need to register?2017-01-18T17:32:13-05:00

You need to sign up if you want to add your business, add or manage your company.

How can I update my profile?2017-01-18T17:30:08-05:00
Why is this a free service?2017-01-18T17:31:13-05:00

The directory emerged from a research project aimed at identifying consulting firms worldwide. We are making this information freely available in order to bring potential consulting clients together with providers.

Are there criteria to be part of the directory?2017-01-18T17:31:13-05:00

Yes, only management consultancies are featured in the directory.

Can we place ads or increase our visibility on the site?2017-01-18T17:31:13-05:00

At this point we won’t be allowing advertising by any consulting firms to give each firm equal visibility on the directory.

How is this different from other directories?2017-01-18T17:31:13-05:00

This is a comprehensive global directory encompassing more firms, industries and capabilities than any other directories. It is professionally managed so the information remains accurate.

How do I find information on a specific company?2017-01-18T17:31:13-05:00

Use the Regional Search feature and search by company name.

Is the directory exhaustive?2017-01-18T17:33:04-05:00

Yes, the directory is meant to be all-inclusive and exhaustive.

What is included in the directory?2017-01-18T17:33:04-05:00

The directory lists over 6000 consultancies by name, identifies their industries and capabilities, and provides geographic and contact details.

Have some companies refused to be included?2017-01-18T17:31:13-05:00


How do I know who looked at my company profile?2017-01-18T17:31:13-05:00

If a client is interested in contacting you for a project we will reach out to you to discuss in further detail.

Where did you get information for my company?2017-01-18T17:31:13-05:00

All the information collected on the database is pulled from public sources (Company Website, LinkedIn, etc.) or communicated directly by your company.

How do you make sure that my contacts are safe from SPAM?2017-01-18T17:31:14-05:00

We have put in place excellent tools to avoid spam bots / web crawlers.

How can I claim my business?2017-01-18T17:32:13-05:00

You can search your company through the homepage or a regional page. Then follow the steps to claim your business.

How can I add office locations?2017-01-18T17:32:13-05:00

In the Manage your company section, there is a specific tab to add/modify your office locations.

How can I manage my company profile?2017-01-18T17:32:13-05:00

Once you have signed in, you can modify your company profile (description, contact information, specialty), as well as your office locations.

How do I add my company?2017-01-18T17:32:13-05:00

Once you have registered, you can add your company.

How many businesses can I claim?2017-01-18T17:32:13-05:00

You can only claim one business.

How many users per company can we have?2017-01-18T17:32:13-05:00

There is only one user per company for now.

How do you make sure that the person asking for a change is part of the company ?2017-01-18T17:32:13-05:00

We verify the profile of the person who asked for a change. We may even call the company.

How can I search Companies?2017-01-18T17:33:04-05:00

Right now, you can only search by consultancy name or region. But we are working hard to give you the possibility to search by capability or industry.

How do I perform an advanced search?2017-01-18T17:33:04-05:00
I would like to know more about those companies, what shall I do?2017-01-18T17:33:04-05:00

You may contact us at directory@consultingquest.net and we will set up a connection.

I am a freelancer, can I be listed?2017-01-18T17:33:24-05:00

The directory comprises primarily companies and not freelancers.